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  • About AMYCC


    since 1996


    The AMYCC, (formerly Teresianas) is currently managed by Mrs. María Isabel Cáceres, She collaborated with Ana María Garabana, Lucy Gladys Brito and Enna Victoria Eugenia Rodríguez and launched the project “Nuevos Horizontes” in 1995.

    The goal was to provide emotional support to those diagnosed or in recovery from all types of cancer, and to raise awareness and offer a message of hope, “selfless giving is the art of living”.

    In 1996, the Asociación de Mujeres Yucatecas contra el Cáncer A.C. (AMYCC) was established, and was the first women’s association in Yucatan dedicated to awareness, prevention and timely detection of breast and cervical cancer for low-income women, in the state and other regions in Mexico. The purpose and objective were to dramatically reduce the incidence of cancer and cancer mortality rates.

    In 1998, the founders began to provide conferences on the importance of nutrition and timely detection of cancer, to patients and relatives who were staying in Mérida. The organization gained momentum and started to get more visibility when doctors were included in the project by performing pap tests, clinical breast exams and also provided women with medication.

    In 2015, technological support was introduced by the organization, providing breast ultrasounds along with mammograms at no cost. Women who received care, greatly appreciated the help they received especially during difficult times.

    They will never forget the support they received and the impact it made on their lives. 

    In 2020, AMYCC has served 51 of the 106 municipalities in our state. They have collaborated in Campeche, Chiapas, Oaxaca, and others, reaching more than 8,000 services provided. The Association conducts annual fundraising events that help provide the needed resources to continue serving low-income women. The work is done by a dedicated team of volunteers.

    The road of compassion, giving, helping, and community service, is the road that can be set and declared as life’s purpose.

    Hierarchy is committed to a “movement of action.” In support of this wonderful organization,

    Hierarchy will donate a portion of its profits and provide financial support to AMYCC.

    Our organization is dedicated to help prevent breast cancer in all of Mexico and to find a cure.

    Will you join us in this fight to save lives? Please help support this important project, place your order online today!

    For more information about AMYCC:  https://www.amyccayuda.org

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